About Pipe Dream Patterns

For almost as long as I've been sewing, I've wanted to learn the wizardry behind pattern cutting to create my own designs; so naturally starting an indie pattern line has been a not so quietly nurtured pipe dream of mine for a while now.  

After years of trawling through shops and never finding the clothes I wanted to wear I stumbled over the process of making my own when I decided to make a friend of mine a wedding quilt, many, many many years ago. 


While I was cruising John Lewis for some fabric, I picked up an Amy Butler pattern and thought 'How hard can this be?'

I hadn't sewn anything since a cushion in my secondary school  Home Economics class; so even a quilt was going to be a challenge.

Turns out it wasn't as hard as I expected and I finally found an outlet for my creativity that I quickly became obsessed with.  I devoured sewing books, patterns and Alexander Henry print cotton like there was no tomorrow.

There are amazing pattern makers, pattern companies and pattern hacks etc. out there, yet I still found myself cutting bits here and there, altering style lines and creating the clothes I wanted to wear because the exact patterns I was looking for did not exist - or I couldn't find them.  We're back to the high street shops situation again.


This prompted me to take a short course at Greys School of Art to learn some pattern cutting basics.  This really peaked my desire to learn more about this area of sewing.


This year I took the plunge and went on an intensive pattern cutting course at the London College of Fashion to compliment the skills I already had to create new patterns and give me the confidence I needed to release them. 


Everyone has their own unique style, and their own vision of what a pattern can be, beyond the technical drawing or sample we are given, I can't wait to see what you make with mine.

My little Pipe Dream.