My Sew Called Wardrobe

As the patterns come together for this collection you will see that they take their inspiration from several decades of fashion, and will probably end up looking like a thrift store rack, but that's part of the fun of these designs.  

You get to put your own spin on some old school wardrobe pieces.  I'm not going to call them 'timeless' because I think that makes them sound much more couture than you're going to get, these are updated takes on outdated basics.


The Alba collection is a set of outerwear patterns, which is my favourite thing to sew, I am obsessed.  I've taken the name from the Scottish Gaelic for Scotland and it is pronounced ALUH-BAH or ALA-PAH depending on who you ask.

You can never have too many coats and jackets in Scotland and each garment is named after a Scottish city or place, in the Gaelic - have fun trying to pronounce pattern the names!