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If you are buying a pdf pattern you will receive an email with a copy of the file to download.  Please make sure that you save this somewhere safe and don't lose the file!  If you have not received the files please use the contact form to let me know so I can rectify this.

From time to time there may be some hard copy content such as limited release paper patterns or a sample sale where I sell some of the many samples of my patterns at a discounted price.  When you purchase an item like this it will be shipped to you via the shipping channels chosen at the checkout.



When you purchase this pdf pattern, you will get both a print at home copy and an A0 format copy to print at your local copyshop if you refuse to partake in the tedium that is cutting and sticking together your A4 pattern.

When printing at home make sure there is no additional scaling, ie. fit to page etc. you want the printing to be set to 'print at 100%', 'no scaling' or 'actual size' or whatever setting your printer has to make sure the sizes don't warp when printing.  There is a handy little scale square when you print so you can check nothing has gone awry.  You could print the page with scale square off first to check your settings and make sure no paper is wasted in printing a wrongly scaled pattern!


No sorry, we do not do refunds on pdf patterns due to the nature of the product you are buying.  We sincerely hope that you do not need refunds and are happy with our product though so if you feel there is something wrong with the pattern you have received then please feed that back and I can look at possible changes to make sure we keep our customers happy!

From time to time there may be some hard copy content for sale such as limited release paper patterns or a sample sale where I offload, I mean sell, the many samples I make of my patterns before the launch; I'll update the returns Ts & Cs as and when applicable. 


At this moment in time no, this pattern is for home use only.  Can you make a garment for your friend in exchange for fair compensation, of course you can, but if you want to sell at hand made fairs and Etsy then the answer is no.

I am considering arranging a vendors license later in the year once there are a few patterns up and running to allow small hand makers to be able to make and sell finished garments for monetary gain, this would of course involve a nominal fee for using the pattern(s) but then anything that you make from selling is all yours.

If this is something you would be interested in or want to learn more about then please contact me.