I Love Coats

I suppose it is high time I wrote my first post. I’m not really one for blogging, I tried to do it last year briefly on Wordpress but I’m a terrible writer. I’m from the stream of consciousness school of writing, aka – verbal diarrhoea all the time; I love a tangent. I’m going to try keep this post focused though and I’m going to tell you about my love of sewing outerwear.

You may have seen I released 3 patterns in one go last week, and coat/jacket patterns at that! Mad? Definitely. I love making outerwear, it is my number one favourite thing to sew. Ironically buying RTW coats and jackets has always been a kind of personal hell for me. I’d see super stylish coats in shops and would try them on only to face the facts – I’d need a bigger size to encompass my hips but then would totally lose the flattering fit on my upper body. I could never find that middle ground where a stylish coat fit me in all the right places and so when I’d go into a shop my eyes would just sadly glide over all the coats and jackets that I’d want to wear but knew would never fit properly.

Enter sewing. Yep, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to actually sew my own coat but I took the plunge with the Sewaholic Seymour jacket. Here's a picture of it - fully lined, welt pockets, zips, hood, draw strings, snap fastenings and I made it with wax cotton. From this point on I was hooked and have more coats and jackets than I know what to do with.

I still see people posting that they are too scared to try outerwear and this makes me so sad; especially if it is just a case of getting the heeby jeebies and not just an actual disinterest in outerwear. I think that it is so rewarding to piece together and finish a coat of your very own and like dresses, skirts and most other garments, outerwear patterns vary in level and technical details to help you get started; and that means simple things from your coat/jacket being faced rather than fully lined, or your pockets being in seam instead of welt.

Each week over the next 3 weeks I’m going to pop up a post about each pattern I’ve just released to let you know a little bit more about it; how it is constructed, what skills and materials you will need to get started and what you can expect from the finished item. I’m also going to show you the awesome makes my testers made! They all managed to make incredible finished garments with very little direction from me, which of course made me super proud!

This week I’m going to focus on my coat pattern the Dùn Èideann; I only had 3 testers on this pattern – from complete novice to advanced. I felt like that kind of covered every base I wanted for this coat as I considered it a straightforward sew that needed a little less feedback than the others. So keep your eyes peeled for that post and follow me on Instagram @pipedreampatterns for more.