Hettie Bomber

Hettie Bomber

I can't 'Sell' a free pattern on this platform which is annoying so I need to put a charge on it so -

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If you want to donate £1.50 for the time I've spent writing it up and making the wee graphics, then that's great, don't add the code though I won't judge you if you want to just get the free pattern and get out!


This is the first knitting pattern I've written so if you find any errors please let me know.


This is a simple garter stitch bomber/cardi that comes in one size, measurments included in pattern but finished flat lay measurments once seamed are - hip area of 130cm/51” with front ribbing side by side and not crossed over, bust is approx 115cm/45”.


6 x Skeins of any of the below yarns which are approx 200g at 80m:

-    We Are Knitters           -    The Wool
-    Bettaknit                     -    Cool Wool
-    Wool and The Gang    -    Crazy Sexy Wool

-    12mm Needles for Cast On (optional, see shaping notes)
-    15mm Needles for Main (and cast on if preferred, see shaping notes)