Paper Pattern Eilidh Dress

Paper Pattern Eilidh Dress

The Eilidh Dress is comprised of 2 views, however you can mix and match pieces between the two to create other looks and the printed version includes the bonus pieces to create high back views for each design.


View 1 is a fun front twist dress which, appears form fitting, but is quite relaxed across the abdomen due to the twist.  This is perhaps the easier of the two twist designs to sew and it gives you more flexibility to mix colours and prints as the primary seams run vertically.  


View 2 is designed with the twist at the back, making a simple dress at first glance, but looks fantastically bold at the back.  This twist can feel a little more challenging as it is designed to be made in one colour, with no centre seams – but follow the hints and tips in the instructions to help you create this truly unique look!


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